We combine a wealth of experience and knowledge with a common sense, practical and pragmatic approach to health and safety.

EB Safety Solutions offer practical steps to protect people from risk and will assist organisations to comply with health and safety law.

Services we can offer:

  • Preparation and review of bespoke Health and Safety Policy and procedures
  • Preparation, review and updating of risk assessments, COSHH assessments and method statements
  • Accident investigation
  • Office and Site Audits, including fire safety audits and risk assessments
  • Regular site/office inspection visit
  • Sub-contractor competence assessment
  • Assistance with the completion of health and safety plans, pre-qualification questionnaires and health and safety competence questionnaires
  • Provision of Training and Tool Box talks – see our training services

These services can be offered on a contract or day rate basis.

We can also develop and provide bespoke courses that are designed specifically with your requirements and your employees in mind.


Safety Documentation, Policy and Procedures

What does this involve?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a requirement on you as an employer, with 5 or more employees to have a written Health and Safety policy.

A Health and Safety policy is designed to set out your general approach, objectives and arrangements for managing the health and safety of your company.

A policy should be in three parts:
  • Policy Statement – shows your commitment to health and safety
  • Organisation – sets out the roles and responsibilities within your company for health and safety
  • Arrangements – explains how you manage health and safety in your company
We can prepare bespoke safety policy documents for your organisation. We also review and update existing policies to ensure they are 'in line' with current health and safety legislation.

Risk Assessments, COSHH and Safe Systems of Work

What does this involve?

As an employer you have a legal requirement under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 to assess the risks within your workplace.

To do this efficiently you need to carry out risk assessments of your work activities to assess whether they pose a risk of causing harm to your employees, visitors, contractors or the general public. Any significant findings should be recorded.

There are five key steps to a risk assessment
  • Identify the hazards
  • Identify who is at risk
  • Evaluate the risks and put control measures in place
  • Record your findings
  • Review and update as necessary
If you are not confident, or feel you do not have the experience or knowledge to carry out your own risk assessments, COSHH or method statements EB Safety Solutions can help you. We can carry out bespoke risk assessments for you or review and update any existing ones you have.

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