We offer advice and inspections for both construction and geotechnical works on both commercial and domestic projects. No matter what the size of a site, health and safety responsibilities apply.

Before the project begins, working conditions should be checked to ensure they comply with the requirements of current legislation.

Work should be properly planned and organised to minimise the risks. During construction work, the site should be regularly inspected and paperwork reviewed and updated as conditions change.


Site inspections - What do you get?

  • Structured inspection/walk over with the Site Manager to ensure compliance with site documentation, statutory requirements and best practice
  • Review forth coming activities and discuss health and safety requirements for future work with the Site Manager
  • Review Construction Phase Plans and other site documents
  • Review previous site inspection report and check actions have been completed
  • Discuss findings with Site Manager and agree actions
  • Produce a site inspection report.
  • Site Specific Fire and First Aid assessments
  • Accident reporting and accident investigation
EB Safety Solutions can undertake inspections in the workplace, office or site environments and provide you with a comprehensive written report detailing priorities, recommendations and a bespoke action plan.
We can carry out 'stand-alone' inspections or combine them as part of a full health and safety service for your company.

Our inspection services cover:

  • All sectors of the construction industry
  • Geotechnical and site investigation contractors

Interested in our inspection services?